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Requests We Do and Don’t Handle

Who is eligible to receive services from Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center?

You may be eligible to receive services from NDALC if:

  • You have a disability as defined in the federal laws which fund our services
  • You have a problem related to your disability (such as, discrimination or denial of services)
  • Your issues or problem falls within the priorities established by our Board

We receive funding under nine different federal programs. Each program has its own unique focus. To be eligible for services, you must meet the basic eligibility requirements of one of these nine programs.

Examples of the kind of service Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center provides:

  • Providing information and technical assistance to empower individuals to advocate for their own rights
  • Investigating, or causing an investigation to take place, concerning reports of abuse or neglect of individuals living in the community, in residential facilities or in correctional facilities
  • Assisting in securing the appropriate medical, psychiatric or habilitation services
  • Assisting families in securing the free and appropriate public education services for children with disabilities, to which they are entitled
  • Helping gain access to public places and governmental buildings
  • Correcting discrimination when individuals attempt to obtain housing or employment
  • Empowering individuals to make their own decisions and be fully participating members of their communities
  • Helping to secure the assistive technology services and devices individuals need to be more independent
  • Helping to ensure that private information is not released without an individual’s permission
  • Helping secure the rights of individuals to make their own choices as they prepare for employment through Vocational Rehabilitation or Ticket to Work training programs
  • Helping to ensure that voting machines and polling places are accessible to individuals with disabilities

What kind of requests does Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center not Handle?

There are some types of cases we don’t handle.  If you contact us for help with a case that we don’t handle, we will refer you to other organizations that may be able to help you.  You may also visit our Links page to find a services provider who may be able to help you.   For more information about cases we don’t handle, see the questions and answers below.

I have a disability.  Can you handle my case?

It depends.  We only handle cases that are related to disability.  We do not handle cases that are unrelated to disability even if the person has a disability.  For example, we would not handle your case if you have a disability but feel you were discriminated against at your job because of your race, gender or sexual orientation (and not your disability).

Also, in general we do not handle the following types of cases:

  • Assistance becoming the guardian of an individual with a disability
  • Bankruptcy
  • Child custody
  • Consumer law not involving assistive technology
  • Criminal defense
  • Divorce
  • Employment benefits (short- or long-term disability, retirement)
  • Estate planning (preparing a trust or will)
  • Expungement (destroying or sealing records of a criminal conviction)
  • Immigration
  • Medical or professional malpractice
  • Out-of-state issues
  • Personal injury claims
  • Social Security applications and appeals
  • Traffic violations
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Workers compensation

I do not have a disability.  Can you handle my case?

Probably not.  To qualify for our services, you must be a person with a disability.  There are a few exceptions where we may be able to help people who have been discriminated against because someone believes they have a disability, because they are associated with someone who has a disability, or because their child has a disability.   But in general, we handle cases only for people who have a disability and who have an issue related to their disability.

Can you help me find a job, housing or financial assistance?

In general, we do not help people find jobs, housing or financial assistance.  NDALC does not have money for people to help pay bills. NDALC also does not represent people in hearings related to payment of bills or rent or mortgages.  We do provide legal help to eliminate barriers in employment and housing.  However, we do not provide non-legal case management or other social services.  If you are seeking non-legal case management or social services, we recommend that you contact your local Center for Independent Living (CIL).  (Southern Nevada CIL or Northern Nevada CIL) A CIL is a community-based organization run by and for people with disabilities that offers services and support for people with disabilities.

What Next?

If you need help with a case we don’t handle, please visit our Links page to find a services provider who can help you.  If you are unsure what type of case you have, feel free to contact us so we can determine if we can help you.