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2024 Priorities

NDALC Case Selection Criteria

  1. The applicant must meet the program eligibility guidelines
    and the legal problems must fall within an objective or
    priority for services.
  2. Services will be provided only to persons whose legal
    problems are related to their status as an individual with a
    disability, whose legal problems are susceptible to
    resolution by NDALC staff, and whose claims have legal
  3. Services will generally only be provided to individuals
    whose problems cannot be solved through self-advocacy or
    by other individuals, agencies, attorneys or organizations.
  4. While NDALC will provide direct legal representation to
    individual clients, legal issues that are systemic in nature
    will receive priority.
  5. The demand for NDALC services exceeds the available
    resources, and the agency must plan its activities in a
    strategic manner to effectively utilize its limited resources.
    Therefore, NDALC may decline to provide direct advocacy
    assistance even in situations where a case may be within
    the priorities and meet case acceptance criteria.
  6. NDALC resolves disputes whenever possible through non-adversarial means such as negotiation, mediation,
    conciliation, and exhaustion of administrative remedies,
    where appropriate, prior to initiating legal action in a
    Federal or State court.